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are. >> proof to be deadly. new years day walk on the beach ends in tragedy. >> dramatic ending to stand off >> dramatic ending to stand off man armed with sword
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>> thanks to the democrat and republicans in congress i will sign a law that wrists taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle class tax hike that could have sent the economy back in recession. obviously had a severe impact on families all across america. >> president obama speaking just few moments ago as the
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republican controlled house approves a last ditch senate compromise to avert the fiscal cliff. good evening. dan is off tonight. >> both sides have given and both sides have gotten. vote came just a short time ago. >> this vote the yes are 2 57. the no are 167. motion is adopted without objection motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> with that the crisis is over at least for now. here's karen travers. >> after months of drama and intense has minute negotiations congress finally passed legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff. lawmakers completely blue the keyed line and no grand bargain both parties claim the ultimate goal. tonight both democrat and republicans gave themselves credit for getting something done. >> this is a very, very strong fears step. >> this is an important one.
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this is critical one for the future of the country. >>reporter: there was considerable hammering on republican lawmakers about the look of spending cut in the senate passed bill. some wished to tweak that with spending cut added on but ultimately not enough votes to get it passed. fiscal cliff deal was passed with overwhelming bipartisan sport this morning stepped tax cuts for all workers earning less than 400,000 dollars a year. prevent tax hike on estate valued at less than 5 million dollars. extend unemployment benefits that were set to expire today for some two million people. since congress missed january deadline the country did go over the cliff but bypassing the compromise deal on the house and senate congress can take credit for retroactive tax cuts. avoid this cliff congress exceptionally set up new ones n.2 most they have to deal with the automatic spending cut they put off and have a nasty fight
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over the debt ceiling. abc news washington. that deal now goes to the president. stock in asia are already up over the news and of course the real test comes tomorrow when the stock exchange open ins new york at 6:30 in the morning. more on that on our morning news that begins at 4:30 am. now to the weather and very cold temperatures outside. spencer here with quick look at the numbers. >> very cold is right. possibly under statement look at live doppler 7 hd absence of clouds and precipitation and temperatures dropping. 33 agrees in fairfield. 37 livermore. it's quite cold all around the bay area tonight and speaking of the cold snap we have a freezing warning in effect for virtually the entire north bay from 11:00 p.m. to 9 am. low pressure in the affected area here from 24 to 28 degrees freezing damage possible to crops and sensitive vegetation. also for this area bayshore line and santa clara
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valley we have a fringt advisory m effect from 11 to 9. 30 to 34 degrees and sensitive out door plants are at risk from exposure to the cold air. closer look at the exact low pressure we expect overnight in just a few minutes. >> all right spencer thank you is that cold weather is affec affecting many crops in san joaquin valley but some benefitting from the chilly temperatures. nut plants need at least 800 hours of temperature below 45 degrees between november and february. so far they have only been half the cold days needed to reach the goal t.high waves turned new year day walk on the beach in tram difficult in marin county. coast guard rushed to help a couple and dog swept that the water bay big wave at point raze but sadly one person did not survive. that person was a man who tried to first save his wife and then his dog from the high waves. it happened just after noon today. they were on the beach add marrying the surf when so-called sneaker wave pulled
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her out. he wept in to rescue her and succeed entered bringing her in but then the dog was swept to sea. so the man went after the dog. eyewitness describes what happened next. >> we know we arrived the waves were much much higher. much stronger and they were time in sequence much quicker and very, very powerful. >>reporter: after a long search rescuers finally found the body of the man. his identity has not yet been revealed. just a tragic scene at point raze today. in san francisco today 2 innocent people killed by a driver trying to escape police. they say the man was speeding away from traffic stop following shooting in the mission district only to slam into another car and man walking across the street. that man now identified as guiteirez 26 from san francisco. more now from 7 news reporter lee ann. >> this video shows how close an employee inside a convenience store came to being
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hit by this white car. slammed into the building. the passenger of that car and pedestrians were not as fortunate. they both died. >> as the vehicle was thrown against the store there was also mid 20-year-old male pedestrians walking in the store. he was also pronounced dead at the scene. >>reporter: jose lopez told us his sister-in-law sylvia was in the passenger seat. he says she and the driver her nephew were coming back from a party early this morning. the driver is in critical condition. f the owner of the store located at 21st and south van ness in the mission district says this. >> the driver i think he was in his 20's he was kind of in shook. he couldn't talk. they pulled him out. >>reporter: accident occurred shortly after 8 this morning when the driver of black chevy broadside the white toyota. . the neighbor told us it was a loud bang. chief says
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officers stopped the driver of the black chevy because they suspected he had a gun insides car and may have shot his weapon earlier. >> of swrers exiting the vehicle. the vehicle was reported to have had a firearm in it. obviously shots fired call. officers approached the vehicle the vehicle took off at high rate of speed and ran through the next 2 intersections. >>reporter: many in this neighborhood were sad to witness such a tragedy on the first day of the new year. suspect will be charged for the death of those 2 people and with possession of a firearm. gun was found inside the car. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. we learn new information about the naked man with samurai sword who held off police for 3 hours during stand off this morning in san jose. police identified the man as 29-year-old cocoa bennett. they first spotted him in vehicle after somebody reported a person with an assault rifle. when they pulled up behind him the man stripped naked and
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yelled the police are going to have to kill hill. we were there when of seniors fired a flash bang did he vase to get the man drop the sword. that didn't work. >> tried to take off running. he fell down and they were able to finally subdue him. get the knife or sword and then take him into custody. >> man treated for several injuries. later officers showed off the sword and an assault weapon that was found in his car. nearly 100 people turned out to pay tribute to memory of oakland man killed by bart police officer in 2009 following new years eve confrontation. this is the fourth anniversary of the death of 22-year-old oscar grant. nick smith has more. >> we want the world to fall in love with officers. >>reporter: 22-year-old oscar grant fatally shot by officer on this platform new year's eve 2009. today the family held a
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rally to remember him and thank the community for shine ago spotlight on the events surrounding his death. >> had it not been for the community open that platform that night none of us would know who officer grant is. >>reporter: cell phone video revealed more about the shooting than the public initially knew. this video made its way to you tube and the media. in it you can see former bart police officer messerly holding grant down on the floor with his hands held behind his back. messerly who is white testified that he had intended to draw his taser and that firing his gun was purely accidental. charges of racism were swift and unyielding. >> this officer got off with murder and he didn't have to even go to prison not one day. >>reporter: 2010 jury cleared messerly of all charges except involuntary manslaughter. he was sentenced to two years in prison and given credit for time served. that judgment sparked more charges of racism. >> if you are african american young man you are already racially profiled. clearly you could see from my son being
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murdered that we didn't 7 the same justice that other people 7. >>reporter: grant mother believes hollywood may help to do that. film set to premiere at the sun dance film festival in two week focus on the event that led up to the shooting, death and protest that ignited passion. >> my hope is people will see the truth. >>reporter: rally peaceful and at the peek about 100 people in attendance. bart for their part continues to work with the grant family to provide them a safe space to have their vigil. this is abc 7 news. >> and there is much more to come on 7 news at 9:00. coming up. victory never smelled so sweet. highlights next stanford first rose bowl win in 4 decades. >> plus the new year's day sprichlts delivered to military family. during the tournament of roses parade. >> 49ers make a move today that could spell the end for embattled kicker david acres.
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>> exploring the exploratorium in the final days and sth is his into this is a great
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time to be a stanford football fan. third straight bowl game today and captured the first
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rose bowl victory since 1972. winners of 7 straight coming in stanford the clear favorite against 8 and 5 wisconsin team. tiger woods condoleeza rice all the famous alumni on hand looking cardinal would dominate. taylor in for 3 yards. they would take a 14 nothing lead before the badgers settle in. 19 seconds left. first half. stanford led 17-14 at the half. final 30 minutes williamson 22 yard field goal over 4 minutes remaining. the only turn over of the game and stanford take as 20-14 victory. and while thousands watch the game plenty more saw the game at the patio in palo alto. corrina was there. >>reporter: high fifty pat why sports bar and grill came early and often. cardinal hit the field with two touch downs in the first quarter and the crowd
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cheered every move. >> i'm glad they decided to take, 7 the kick off. go right down and score right away get them in a hole. it was gate. >>reporter: first time in 13 years stanford has made a.p. rose bowl appearance. freshman quarterback hogan came into the grand daddy of post season play on a roll. 6 point favorite over wisconsin. >> they are going to dominate. not 6 points. they are going to dominate. >>reporter: badgers put up a good fight. giving this family reason to be optimistic t.the the these wisconsin fan bravely showed their spirit and only down by 3 points at half time. >> i'm feeling good. i know that we are under dog but this is the third time in a row we have been to the rose bell and i think this year we'll win. >>reporter: coach shaw with 1 11-2 season had other plans. even though third quarter didn't change the score fans were eager to lock in a win. >> just awesome. i don't o sayy
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excited right now. it's good way to start the new year. >>reporter: in theen the cardinal had first rose bowl victory in 41 years. celebration is on. >> i love it came did you know to the fourth quarter. the way it happened. couldn't have been better. i loved it. it was awesome. awesome. feels great too. >>reporter: and just like jim harbaugh before him, coach david shaw is making stanford alumni proud. they tweeted out we came. we shaw. we conquered. let there be roses and so ends a fantastic stanford football season n.palo alto, abc 7 news. yes, it was awesome. stanford band was also in pasadena and had its own moment in the sun. [ band playing] 300 member band performed on 124th annual rose parade. the group considers itself more of a rock band than marching band.
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valley christian high school band from san jose also performed. they are in blue. in the red a chinese band from beijing. today they performed as east/west fusion all star band. first ever international combined high school band in the history of the parade. parade features some very special moments for u.s. soldiers that won a contest to travel from military base in germany to see the rose parade in person. >> my husband just entered his name i guess. i just got a call letting me know that we won. >>reporter: but what she didn't know is that her husband eric was flown in from afghanistan and was signature on one of the floats 3 is. walked up to her and young son with the flows hand really touching regroup. she and her son got to see the rest of the parade on board one of the floats right next to dad. they had not seen him in months. love that story. >> unbelievable. >> i know. >> great story. >> wonderful moment. fv chilly tichlts good thing they are at the rose bowl and not here.
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it's frigid here. our temperatures are plummeting. live view for the high definition east bay camera at emeryville west back under the bay and mostly clear skies very chilly right now and chillier as the hours past. look at live doppler 7 hd. no includes around. no precipitation around but lots of cold air around. not the usual hot air you get from us. cold air tonight. right now looking at temperatures of 37 degrees at napa. fairfield. 35 at santa rosa. 39 at concord. 36 at livermore and low 40's in most other locations so it's going to be quite a cold tonight. freeze warning frost advisory in effect for parts of the bay area. sunny day through friday and then slight chance of showers this weekend. i'll get to that in a moment but first at projected low. spare the air alert with us last couple days continues through tomorrow so we have did he change air quality and plummeting temperatures the. lack for low tonight in the upper 20's. santa rosa and nap a.lower
9:20 pm
readings in some other location. 27 fairfield. 29 at livermore and low 30's in many other spots around the bay area tonight. so quite cold. satellite radar composite image shows center of high pressure inland to our northeast. center of low pressure to our south west. combined circulation here is producing a cold dry flow of air through the bay area. large mass of moisture offshore and clouds that doesn't look like we get much out of this so this dry pattern now will last through friday and maybe even longer maybe through the weekend if we are lucky. for tomorrow lacking at sunny skies and comfortably cool conditions. high pressure in the mid 50's for the most part. south bay 55 at san jose. cupertino. 56 at campbell. peninsula, look for high to reach 54. san mateo redwood city. 6 mountain view los altos and coast five at half moon bay. downtown san francisco have a high of 53 tomorrow. 52 in the sun set district. up in the
9:21 pm
north bay generally mid 50's gave apartment at santa rosa and on east bay uniform readings as well for the most part. high of 55 at castro valley union city and fremont. inland east bay is slightly cooler with low mainly around 53 degrees at many locates 53 at antioch pittsburgh concord danville dublin and pleasanton and monterey bay high in the upper 50's to almost 60 at salinas, holster, watsonville and monterey itself. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. we have dry weather certainly through friday and saturday with mainly sunny skies. few more clouds gathering on sunday and there's a slight chance of shower or 2 on sunday but doesn't lack like major rain event then we get dry bad weather on monday tuesday with high pressure approaching 60 degrees. sounds pretty good. >> big range there. >> see you later. >> coming up. new commercial >> coming up. new commercial highlights a nwell, well, well.
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>> in case you missed it here's last nature san francisco fireworks. scene from the oakland side of the bay. speed it up there. quarter of a million people stood in the cold to watch this. condensed to just 15 seconds. media corporation provided this time lapse video. cool. >> apple i-phone 5 may have another glichlt has to do with the phone do not disturb feature. same feature part of the company new ad with venus and serena williams. here's the ad take a look. >> cool dream? of i'm having one rate now. i
9:26 pm
didn't want to be disturbed. and i won't. because before i went to sleepy said this. now my i-phone knows not to ring unless it's important. disturbing this -- well the phone do not disturb feature allow users to silence incoming call and alert during pre-determined period of time such as that game you are seeing there table tennis between the william sisters but lots of grumbling the faech doesn't ever turn off. users register the complaint at the site here. apple had to apologies for the problems with its map as you recall. >> one more tech note on line game maker singe a getting rid of a lieutenant of the games. they start nut year killing off 11 social media games including this the. games won't be around in 2013 fishville, chefville forestville, war 2
9:27 pm
petville was allowing viewers to users to adopt virtual pet. has more than 7 million life on facebook but only 60,000 daily users. they say it's now shifting folk to us smart phone and gambling games. still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. wrestling the rescuers. helicopter full of emergency responder plummet into the to be satisfactory front of hundreds of people. we tell you what happened. and network anchor receivers burns in freak accident. back yard grill explosion with lesson for all of us. >> and why it is all the guarantee that we will be getting a pay cut. up next. tax issue buried in the debate tax issue buried in the debate about the fiíáf-
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we have the explanation. >> like wow! how much more can they hurt us. >> we found some people this new year's day surprised and more than a little irritated at the way it news the paycheck will likely shrink in 2013. >> make you think it was about taking the vacation or. >> think twice about whole lot of things. i mean figure out how i save money instead of spend money. >> affect everybody basically. not just just like 2%. everybody. everybody. >> as it stands now the 2013 social security payroll tax will go back up 2%. from the 4.2% in the past two years. to
9:32 pm
6.2%. that means person with gross income of 50,000 dollars will pay 1,000 dollars more more thanless year. >> anything extra they take out of my paycheck is going to be painful because i need everything that is in my paycheck isn't enough already. >> i have to change the way i save and spend and see where it goes from there. >>reporter: tax would aplay to income up to 110,000 dollars. meaning the social security payroll tax maxs out at 2200 dollars while some worry about less take home pay others told us they don't mind so much giving where the money goes. >> they should increase because there is going to be a chance to increase because people are start totalling get on their feet. >> if it helps prevent my children from having to, you know, go without in the future and have them worry about
9:33 pm
social security running out of money, then it's beneficial. >>reporter: while the payroll tax increase is expected to pump as much as 125 billion dollars into the federal bump it, the economist warn we can expect a similar reduction in consumer spending. in walnut creek, laura anthony abc 7 new news. >> good news tonight about an oil rig that went aground in alaska. officials say 2 earthquake flew over the ship and not seen any signs that the drilling vessel is leaking fuel or that the hull breached. ship ran aground on an island in the gulf of alaska carrying 155,000 gallons of diesel. the drilling rig broke loose when towed in a stovrment these are pictures from early this week. >> brazil a rescue helicopter had just picked autopsy swimmer struggling in the water when the chopper crashed. watch this. this is when it happened
9:34 pm
in front of a ton of people. fire department chopper was flying back to shore close to the beach when the blade started sputtering and aircraft again the fall that landed few feet from swimmers before crew members made it safely to shore along with the swimmer. fire department later recovered the wreckage. is still not clear what caused that engine to fail. but boy were they lucky. air bus plane got clipped by another in florida today. nobody hurt. u.s. airway plane left with pretty big gash in the tail section lacking at hear in the video from florida aviation department. taxi spirit airlines when it clipped the u.s. airway a that at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. all 162 passengers got off the plane safely after that fender bende bender. >> now to the propane gas explosion that severely burned espn anchor woman hahn a storm. 3 weeks after the horrific explosion today her amazing
9:35 pm
come back as she hosted today rose parade. she talked about what happened with news anchor david muir. >> outside on chilly night to light a pro bain back inside. went out to see how hot the grill was and the flames had been blown out. the cover the grill was open so i assumed logically as i guess most people would be that there wouldn't be any gas in the air. well propane is actually heavier than air and especially in cold weather. it sits on top of the grill and pool inside and underneath l the grill so the second i relit the flame i have a turned the gas off i relit the flame and it was a wall of fire. huge explosion and medley i was on fire. so my hair was on fire. my chest and whole top of my shirt was on fire. i didn't know to do. other than i'm left handed reach and just get the shirt off of me as quickly as possible so that's why my hand is so badly damaged. there were red actually flame
9:36 pm
mark on my neck you could tell where the flames had been licking up on my the on my neck and i was very disfigured. >> i know this was a tough rochltd off whole team who helped you get ready for the broadcast today. >> listen i have the access to you know i spent an hour in hair and make up this morning. i have on false eyelash. this is all fake hair. when the make up artist brushed an eyebrow on me i almost kissed her. >> you mention you turned property pain off which would sound to me like what anyone should do whether more could you have done to prevent it. >> if the grill has been lit but the lighter did not iing tonight for a period of time, the chances are very good that there is a lot of propane still sitting in the area. so just turning it off and relighting the grill isn't suchlt you have to wait a long period of time for all of that propane to dissipate before you would try to reignite the grill.
9:37 pm
>> wow! that's really quite a story. certainly something for all of us to remember when lighting the back yard grill. >> still ahead. look back at the rich history of san francisco exploratorium on the final days at original site. >> later on. extreme new year's rest logs. one couple year's rest logs. one couple fi
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>> today marks the 150 anniversary of the signing of the emancipation proclamation and u.s. postal service is marking the date by rae leasing new stamp. unveiled at an event at the national after kivs in washington today. it features famous documents. proclamation signed by president lincoln january 1st,
9:41 pm
1853 freed slaves in confederate states. >> if you want to get a last look at san francisco exploratorium while still at the palace of fine arts one more day to do it. hantdz on science museum reopen at new home in april. so admission at the old building is free for now. dan looks back at the report. >> palless of fine arts originally built for the 1915 panama pacific exposition. it was made to lack like an ancient ruin with huge display hall alongside it. half century later that hall would be reborn as revolutionary new museum. >> tornado help mick a tornado. >>reporter: man with the idea was frank oppenheimer. >> whole point of the exploratorium is to make it possible for people to feel
9:42 pm
they can understand the world around them. i think a lot of people have given up with that understanding. >> frank was a brilliant physicist and educator. he died in 1985 but legacy is intensely alive both in the museum itself and in documentaries including one by filmmaker john els. frank pioneer of the hand on museum. instead of don't touch the exhibit, touching them was essential. at first it was a hard sell. >> really new idea. used to carry an exhibit around in the truching of the car to show people what he meant by science museum exhibit. >>reporter: doors opened in 1969 with no publicity orphan fare. these pictures are from a film by tom may berry. in those early days frank built a lieutenant of the exhibit himself this one to show how one pendulum will set another into motion. >> see how long it guess.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: exhibit still on display and part of museum mystery. he built it came in the fix day and noticed that somebody had made also feet to put on the barack obama of the pendulum. so really cute feet. don't know who this day who did that. >>reporter: the grew up along with general rigs of visiting family. many people now on staff came here as children. >> i have many memories come here as kid whenever we would come to the exploratorium would i demand more time and demand to come back. >> this now has more than 1,000 exhibits in its collection and international lead interwhat is known as informal education. staff estimates 80 percent of the world science centers have exhibits developed here. they also run a hugely successful program tring and mentoring science teachers. in fact museum has done so well it has out grown its birth place. so it's moving here to pier 15 on the san francisco waterfront. massive building renovation
9:44 pm
just about finished. then it takes 3 and a half months or so to mav in all the old exhibits and to finish the new one. already for grand opening in april. new space will be very different but frank's dream is still flourishing. >> this was founded in a kind of optimism and with momentum of the exploratorium and i'll not stop. we'll maintain that optimism. >>reporter: why not. in san francisco, dan ashley abc 7 news. >> great program. >> a lot of us make new year's resolution right can you guess ho.
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>> let's get one last check of the weather. spencer here now. >> before we look ahead let's
9:48 pm
look back one more time at gloriously beautiful sunset this afternoon at 5:02. western sky from east bay camera in emeryville. here's live doppler no cloud no precipitation. lots of cold air. cold overnight but sunny pleasant tomorrow. state wide. sunny skies tom top to bottom high pressure across most of the state will be in the 50's tomorrow. but you can find 60's down south. l.a. palm springs and san diego. here in the bay area sunny skies tomorrow and pleasantly cool. high pressure generally in the low mid 50's 55 or 56 degrees tomorrow and here's the alaska sx weather 7 day forecast. sunny skies until friday. saturday sunday partly cloudy slight chance for shower on sunday. sunny dry again on tuesday. pleasant weather after the overnight freeze tonight. can expect mild weather choice at the end of the week. high pressure near 60. very, very chilly. >> get through that part. >> that's right. make new
9:49 pm
year's resolution all the time right. >> i don't key them but i make them. >> that is my next story. stick around for this i'll make them on this new year's day resolution get in shape. save money. tradition with the best intention but as matt explains every year it's the same old story. l is. >> no sooner than the ball dropped and up popped jessica simpson. one of the very first ads of the new year. >> weight loss program is built for human nature you can expect amazing. >>reporter: our resolution were personal. about 40 percent of americans make these promises. >> i was going to tray to be nicer to my brother. >> not complaining as much. >> more risk in life. >>reporter: by some counts a third of these promises are broken before the end of january. not so amazing. perennial top 2 resolution are increasing exercise and tee creasing your weight. 66 billion dollar a year industry. >> continue with the president
9:50 pm
obama they start. >> there are some people that do but there's a group that consistently inconsistent. >>reporter: market analyst show that gym membership peak in january and by march they plummet. one study shows 80 percent of new members become no members after just 8 weeks. >> i hope i can make it. >>reporter: to succeed at the gym and beyond the experts say keep those resolutions small and think about keeping them to yourself. because the satisfaction you get from that new year's day announcement to friends family zap motivation. do you have any resolution this year. >> no. don't make any. >>reporter: probably sound advice. matt abc news, miami. so if you are feeling bb your rest logs this couple is about to put you to shame. run marrying thon every day. this year. 365 marathons. become to become to back. 26.2 miles multi-played by 365 that may add up to bump knee but grand
9:51 pm
parents are doing it to increase awareness about healthy living. not always been the model of physical fitness. >> 20 yourself ago i wouldn't be able to run one city block. couldn't run more than 100 meters and since then i have lost about 23 kilograms, 50 pounds. >>reporter: they already finished the first marathon of the year. they are not new to endurance rung. ran 50 marathons in 50 days back in 2010. >> larry hear of course did you that time. i feel in like a slacker. the. >> slug dpird that. >> i don't know not everybody bode is built to do that. this one is not. that much we know for sure. >> okay. >> stanford feeling rosey in pasadena. stanford football pasadena. stalook at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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and ways to connect.
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the. >> coming up tonight on 7 news at 11:00. new video tonight from this morning horrible crash in san francisco mission district including the first picture of the suspect.
9:55 pm
>> we are told that being over weight is a health issue but now there is new evidence that few extra pounds may actually be good for you. fuss at 11:. i like that stor story. >> best news in awhile actually. stanford. football fans came up with maybe the best license to describe the first trip to the rose bowl in 13 years. and the win over wisconsin. we call. we shaw. we conquered. in honor of head coach david shaw. spectacular scene in the past dean. 93,000 on hand and yes the stars were out. stanford alum tiger woods condoleeza rice plunkett on the side lines. wisconsin ball and steffan in the clash of best running back. stanford early on. wildcat formation. reverse. wide receiver drew throwing to patterson spectacular. catch gain of 34. they run another reverse. this time young behind the big offensive lean man. sam 16
9:56 pm
yards 7 nothing stan for. as for taylor. 20 cares. 88 yards. touch down to make it 14 nothing and blow out in progress but the badgers hang tough. ball scam percent to make it a 14-7 game. it was 1 17-7 with 19 seconds left to go in the second quawrtder. phillips on the roll. touch down. stanford lead cut to 1 17-14 at the half. neither team could do much in the second half. hogan overthrows levine not easy to do since he's 6 foot 8. settle for a field goal. stanford up 20-14. wisconsin driving 2 minutes left. needing touch down to win this game. picks off phillips. that seals the dea after losing to wisconsin in 2000 rose bowl stanford and shaw get pay back this year. 20-14 the final. mike was there than 0the field for all the post game reaction. >> well defense wins
9:57 pm
championship that's what happened tonight as stanford shut down wisconsin on the last drive of the game. of course afterwards i talked with head coach david shaw how does it feel how does it feel. >> feels great. feels great. tv still getting over the things we could have didn't better but you know what the guys played hard. as usual we kept it close and won it at the and. >>reporter: how disit feel to win the rose bowl. >> crazy. it's our goal. to win it it means everything especially being a senior. i love my team mates and coach staff and everybody. thank the fans for come out as well. pretty will you do. >> unbelieve afternoon. great game coming in. hard nose. tough physical team feels good rate now. >> defense shut them did you know. >> amazing. loss of words. fought so hard the second half. gutted it out. 16 round fight going back and forth the entire third quarter. big play when
9:58 pm
we needed to. >> defense stepped up huge and stopped them pretty much i think the entire second half. it was huge. win is a win, man. >> that was the play of the game though. driving down for maybe the game winning touch down. you have to feel great about that. >> i feel in amazing. feel amazing. i'm speechless rate now. sorry guys. culminateing in rose bowl victory grand daddy of them all couldn't script it better. >> first rose bell win since 1972. mike reporting there from pasadena. now the biggest hit of the college football season may have occurred today. wild crazy out back bowl played between south carolina and michigan. 8 minutes left come up 2 inches short of first down and south carry lane head coach steve can't breathe call. they called ate first down. replacement referee are back. that's not a first down. order restored right there. cloud crushed smith. of also recovered the fumble hear. he's salute beast. show this to you a few times because we
9:59 pm
like collisions. he's only a sophomore. he might be the best player in the country right now. michigan up. 15 seconds left. thompson to ellington for game winning that yard score. south carolina over michigan 33-28. 12 rank florida state taking on no. 15 northern illinois in the orange bowl on paper this figured to be an absolute rout. first quarter prior find the sooem seam and he is chugging. 60 yard touch down. talk about economical. 134 yards. huskies trying to keep it clos close. link and moore. northern illinois down 17-10. florida state blows it open. this is fire again. high stepping open 37 yard touch down. seminole win the orange bowl 31-10. in the nfl 49ers may have a new kicker for the play offs after david acres missed 2 more field goal against arizona on sunday. 49ers today signed veteran kick

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